Crazier than you think

And possibly a little darker too. I refer, of course, to the Jordan Peterson family saga, which, among other things, now involves a Russian man possessed by a demon named Igor.

Mikhaila started “The Lion Diet” which consists of only eating Beef, Salt, & Water. Although this verges on an eating disorder, Mikhaila claimed that it cured many of her health problems. She even announced that she stopped taking her medications, including an anti-herpes drug. She then convinced her father to start her diet. Soon after starting, Jordan reported that he stopped taking his anti-depressants.

It was around this time that Peterson reported not being able to sleep for 25 days straight while experiencing an “overwhelming sense of impending doom” after drinking some apple cider.

I’m still amused that anyone ever thought Jordan Peterson had anything at all to offer anyone. I mean, didn’t any of you Peterson fans ever read anything he wrote? It took me about 30 seconds reading one blog post to know he was a liar, and less than one chapter of his first book to know he was a lunatic.