No one wants to go down with Creepy Joe

Joe Biden is having trouble finding anyone who wants to appear on the Democratic presidential ticket with him. AC chronicles the obvious problems:

Whitmer met with Biden as he nears VP decision. Three things are obvious to all of them. One, he will never win. Two he is up to his ass in criminality over Ukraine. And three, there is a good chance once Trump wins, and Biden is taken down hard, there will be child molestation shit tagged onto his legacy. So the rumors of people turning him down when asked may very well be right, and he cannot find someone willing to sign on to be his VP. If he cannot find a VP, either it is a show designed to make Michelle come out and sign on, out of a sense of duty, before he dies of a stroke and she slides into the Presidential candidacy as part of a show to justify the fraudulently close, or even Democrat-victory results, or it isn’t a show, and this will just be a standard, full on Trumpslide.

It’s not a show. The 2020 Democratic presidential candidate was always going to be a sacrificial lamb, which is the only reason why the Color Party was willing to run a white candidate. They don’t want to permit any of their Color Revolutionaries to go down with the decrepit old guard.