“The poop is everywhere!”

Lawyer and YouTuber Viva Frei acquired a complete copy of the original backer arbitration claims – courtesy of the Norton Law Firm – and analyzes them as well as the judge’s final ruling on the preliminary injunction:

And there you have it, a thorough update and breakdown of the Patreon lawsuit and a further illustration of the fact that when you’ve stepped in poop, sometimes the best thing to do is stop walking around and tracking it everywhere. Patreon definitely stepped in poop, and by the way of their highly-questionable amendment after the fact to try to undo their own mistake, I think they have just tracked poo-poo all over their house, in their bedroom, in their bed, on their pillowcase… the poop is everywhere!

He was clearly impressed by the case constructed by the LLoE, as he described it as “very intelligent” and even “genius”. And this didn’t even begin to get into the poop-tracking accomplished by the filing of the lawsuit and its inevitable consequences in the form of the amended claims by the 72 Bears being sued.