Every single time

It’s incredible what you can often correctly ascertain about an individual’s future behavior from his self-selected appellation. From SocialGalactic:

GospelBEARer @gospelbearer
May I please be unsubscribed from unauthorized.tv. Since my muting in March for defending the Bible, I can’t support it.

There are certain names you know are going to be trouble, sooner or later. Anyone who names himself after a famous philosopher. Anyone whose name is a form of virtue-signaling. And, of course, Bruce.

Now, obviously it’s fine to unsubscribe from UATV for any reason. There is no need to provide any reason at all. But to make a public point of doing so in a way that doesn’t even provide us with the necessary information to unsubscribe you four months after the proximate cause, well, that takes a very special boy indeed.