Stay off Discord

I’ve never made much use of it, but you can safely expect to see Discord deplatforming everyone who thinks any unapproved thoughts of BLM, Antifa, or The Last of Us 2 in the near future:

Like every mainstream communications service, we have to contend with people using Discord to promote hate and to abuse others. To be clear: hate has no place on Discord. As we’ve grown as a company, we have taken decisive action to make Discord hostile to white supremacists, racists, and other groups who seek to use Discord for evil.

We have invested in people — Trust & Safety is one of the largest teams at Discord — and in technology to proactively identify and ban bad actors from the platform. In 2019, more than half of the servers we removed for violent extremist content — many of which were white supremacist servers — were removed proactively by our team, before they were reported to us. We will keep increasing that number. In recent weeks, we have been monitoring our platform very closely to find and remove anyone seeking to use Discord to organize around violent extremism or disrupt protests.

Today, we commit to two additional actions to make sure we are as effective as we can be against the spread of hate on Discord:

  • We will undertake a third-party audit by an organization active in researching the spread of hate and racism to observe how Discord works, how we enforce our policies, and to make recommendations for us to be more effective. And we’ll share what we learn so others in the industry can make use of their expertise.
  • We are investing significant engineering resources internally to develop software to find and manage abuse proactively. We commit to an open source strategy, which means other companies can benefit and build on what we learn. We hope this also inspires companies to release their tools so users can benefit across platforms.

We want the Discord team to reflect the diversity of society. Today we’re committing to:

  • Diversifying our senior leadership team as soon as possible.
  • Recruiting a full-time Head of Diversity & Inclusion who reports to our Chief People Officer to ensure these efforts have dedicated attention and full responsibility.
  • An internship program starting in 2021 geared to underrepresented groups with a 5-year goal of training the next generation of Discord leaders.

Translation: Discord desperately wants to get acquired by a converged company before the stock market crashes, so it’s corporate-cancerizing itself with maximum effort, complete with paying the Danegeld to the ADL.

Anyhow, it’s already been thought-policing for some time now, so this is confirmation that the hunt for crimethink is about to go to the next level. I’d recommend uninstalling it if you haven’t already.