Minneapolis celebrates diversity

Diversity does its thing in Minneapolis:

Tuesday evening, thousands of people, many of them wearing masks, marched peacefully from the site — outside Cup Foods on Chicago Avenue — to the Police Department’s Third Precinct, where tensions quickly escalated.

As rain began to fall, protesters shattered the glass front door of the station and defaced the building. Police squad vehicles were hit with spray paint.

Some protesters climbed on top of the building, while others threw rocks and water bottles at officers in riot gear. Police responded by firing chemical irritants and flash-bang devices, and sending groups scattering to a nearby Target and Arby’s, some getting milk to pour into their stinging eyes. Protesters used Target shopping carts as barricades while the store temporarily closed.

Meanwhile, in still-mostly-white Vadnais Heights, the Scandicucks are enviously genuflecting to diversity and dreaming of a day when they will enjoy the crime and riots of the big city to the southwest.

A Vadnais Heights City Council member abruptly resigned Tuesday after an anonymous person publicly confronted him about nearly 40 inflammatory social media posts that disparaged Muslims, transgender and gay people….

“My goal is an inclusive community that welcomes residents of all races, genders, religions, beliefs and sexual orientations. Council Member Johnson’s rhetoric is not acceptable for any representative of this city.”

At this point, I think the USA looking at a level of internal violence in the 2030s that will end up around halfway between the Rwanda/Holocaust level and the Great Leap Forward. And as long as the Johnsons are resigning and the Gundersons are virtue-signaling, the situation is still getting worse.