Because it worked so well with liberals

Conservatives are now wagging their warning fingers at China. From SocialGalactic:

CHN can run anything to it’s most effective state. But it cant create.

That’s totally irrelevant. What difference does that possibly make concerning what the future is going to bring? Geopolitical dominance does not go to the most creative and the world has never been ruled by art and music theory majors.

It’s rather like conservatives repeatedly warning liberals that they won’t like the world they’re creating. Even if that happens to be true, so what? The changes will have already taken place.

Science and technological development is already stagnant across the West and rapidly declining. And the Chinese engineering capacity already exceeds that of the USA, which can no longer effectively build what it designs.

The concept of inevitable progress was never true and is hopelessly wrong. Forget “creating”, at this point the men of the West should be concerned about “maintaining” and “surviving”, because they are currently failing at both.