A question asked on SocialGalactic: What tribe does the American who’s ancestors include multiple Europeans nations belong to?

None. Such individuals don’t have a tribe or a nation. That’s why US society is described, correctly, as “atomized”. It has been literally blown apart by mass immigration and labor mobility. Forget tribe, many US citizens don’t even have a clan, as their extended families are spread out across the continent from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

It’s rather like asking what AKC-registered breed a mongrel is. The correct answer is “none”. No matter what the mongrel’s genetic pedigree might be, it is not accepted as any of the 193 breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Passport-based civic nationalism is pseudonationalism. It’s the substitute of state paperwork for nationality. It’s the “divided” state that precedes the “conquered” state in the “divide-and-conquer” concept.

It may help to remember that the truth is not heureusitarian and the concept of nation is not determined by whatever makes the greatest number of individuals feel good about themselves.