Why SJWs will always fail

It’s rather comical to see that Kickstarter’s Comic Outreach Lead was recently let go:

It was revealed last month that crowdfunding service popular amongst comic book creators, Kickstarter, had let 40{105b5945f2a7891a3dd860d3a09046b26c32f8a07d097b566642738deee8841e} of staffers go. They are not alone in this, Patreon also made redundancies, and IndieGoGo had similar last year. However, one of Kickstarter’s 40{105b5945f2a7891a3dd860d3a09046b26c32f8a07d097b566642738deee8841e} was Kickstarter’s Comic Outreach Lead, Camilla Zhang.

Why is this amusing?

Well, precisely how inept, how completely incompetent, does someone responsible for reaching out to comics crowdfunders have to be in order to not reach out to the most successful new comics crowdfunders in the history of comics crowdfunding?

Of course, we all understand why the SJWs at Kickstarter didn’t reach out to Arkhaven. And that is one of the reasons why 40 percent of their staff is now unemployed.