Re-employing the natives

Corona-chan even has the agriculture industry in Britain looking to hire young British workers:

Farmers say the fall-out of the coronavirus chaos means they desperately need an army of Land Girls – and boys. Travel bans brought in to prevent the spread means they have lost the thousands of foreign workers they need to pick fruit and veg crops. The industry trade body British Summer Fruits is warning that produce will rot in the fields and orchards unless they can find replacements….

“Last year 98 per cent of harvest staff were from outside the UK. We are now very concerned about securing enough workers to help harvest our vital crops and get fresh fruit and vegetables to the public. To help, in the next few days the berry industry will be mounting a large-scale recruitment campaign to encourage people who are in the UK and looking for work because of the current economic impact of the coronavirus to come and work on our farms.”

If you ever wondered why all those lazy young people can’t seem to find work these days, perhaps it’s not due to their laziness or lack of a firm handshake, perhaps it’s because 98 PERCENT OF THE ENTRY-LEVEL JOBS have gone to foreigners.