The conspiracy theorists are right again

As usual, the Official Story is admitted to be false, and promptly forgotten:

We found it fascinating that none other than China’s nationalist propaganda mouthpiece, the Global Times, published a report overnight which dramatically changes the narrative, namely that a “New Chinese study indicates novel coronavirus did not originate in Huanan seafood market.”

According to the brand new study by Chinese researchers published on Feb 21,  the novel coronavirus may have begun human-to-human transmission in late November from a place other than the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan. Of course, we already knew that, but what is critical is that until now, Beijing was adamant in sticking to the official narrative that it was the Huanan seafood market in Wuhan where the disease emerged, despite not providing any information on what animal was the vector, or who was patient zero.

However, now that this narrative has been officially questioned and challenged in a media outlet of the communist party, it is safe to say that the theory of the Huanan food market being the source of the pandemic, is officially dead.

I haven’t really been paying attention, but is the Wuhan Institute Of Virology now the official source of the outbreak or is everyone just assuming that it will eventually be accepted as the official source? The most important thing to remember about conspiracy theorists is that they are a) almost always correct about what they believe did NOT happen and b) almost always incorrect about what they believe actually happened instead.

Besides, we already know the real culprit.