Never trust anyone over 30

Captain Capitalism addresses the Baby Boomers and how they produced the Millennials:

The Millennials didn’t grow up in a vacuum.  They weren’t born in the cabbage patch, sprouted legs one day, and then “POOF,” 22 years later found themselves $120K in debt with a Master’s degree in Diversity and Inclusion.  Like everyone else they were a product of their environment.  And a huge part of that environment, if not the most influential part, was the elders who would raise them.  Parents, teachers, professors, guidance counselors, therapists, bosses, even politicians and media personalities would directly and indirectly wield incredible, if not total influence over the Millennials and would be the single most determining variable in how the Millennials would turn out.

This is the way it has always been throughout human history because there’s no other way for it to be.  Younger generations have to be raised by older generations.  But the Millennials were going to be raised by a very unique generation of elders.  A generation of elders that the world had never seen before in terms of its wealth, stability, pampering, and privilege.  Nor had the world seen such an arrogant, self-important, completely delusional, and completely wrong generation before. And it was this generation that was going to prepare the Millennials for the real world – the Baby Boomers.

What I absolutely love about the Baby Boomers, what I find so incredibly rich is how they were the generation that coined the phrase “Never trust anybody over 30.”  And you need to really break down this statement to appreciate how hypocritical, delusional, arrogant, and simply wrong that statement is and therefore how wrong the Baby Boomers are.

First, Boomers said this when they were young.  Not only stupid, but inexperienced and young.  They were a bunch of teenage, 20 something know-nothings, who never worked a job, had yet to start families, draft-dodged a war, but somehow they thought they knew better than their elders and the culminated eons of human history.  Not only is this against common sense, it’s the epitome of hubris and arrogance.  Many of them hadn’t even gone to college to have a political religion installed in them so they’d parrot such outlandish stupidity.  They were just that naturally stupid and arrogant on their own!

It’s remotely possible that the Baby Boomers aren’t the worse generation in human history. But they certainly did manage to destroy what was once the wealthiest, freest, most powerful nation on Earth. It wasn’t entirely their fault; they did not plant the seeds of that destruction. But instead of weeding the garden of those evil shoots, they enthusiastically watered them.

And that is why future generations that never even knew them will hate them. They will not hate the Boomers for the same reasons that Gen-X and Gen-Z hate them, but they will hate them all the same.