Mailvox: how NOT to respect your deltas

One son of a Delta has some unpleasant childhood memories stemming from his attractive mother:

The part about alpha trying to hit on the very attractive wives of lower status men resonates with me. My mother was always a very attractive woman and she was married to my father, a delta. Alpha men were always hitting on her, including my father’s boss at a Christmas party that later devolved into a huge argument when we all returned home. 

It’s a difficult situation because it’s almost inevitable and is going to be hard on the Delta husband even if his attractive wife is entirely faithful to him. First, it’s always pleasant to know that people are drawn to you, and second, it’s actually the Delta’s lack of confidence in his ability to keep his attractive wife that tends to undermine the relationship.

Because if he gets his panties in a bunch every time over the behavior of others that she can’t control, eventually she’s going to decide that she might as well do the crime if she’s going to do the time anyhow.

The father shouldn’t have argued with his wife after the Christmas party, he should have complained to the boss’s boss. The most effective weapon against an alpha is a bigger alpha.