Sanders wins New Hampshire

Bernie Sanders wins and all of Biden’s support goes to Klobuchar.

25.9{de336c7190f620554615b98f51c6a13b1cc922a472176e2638084251692035b3}  BERNIE SANDERS
24.4{de336c7190f620554615b98f51c6a13b1cc922a472176e2638084251692035b3}  PETE BUTTIGIEG
19.8{de336c7190f620554615b98f51c6a13b1cc922a472176e2638084251692035b3}  AMY KLOBUCHAR
09.3{de336c7190f620554615b98f51c6a13b1cc922a472176e2638084251692035b3}  ELIZABETH WARREN
08.4{de336c7190f620554615b98f51c6a13b1cc922a472176e2638084251692035b3}  JOE BIDEN

Conclusions: Biden is definitely out. He can’t win. Warren is probably out. She needed to be in third, especially given that she is a U.S. Senator from Massachusetts. Buttigieg is the Deep State candidate and Klobuchar is the DNC candidate.

Bloomberg, meanwhile, just lost the entire black vote and a good portion of the white liberal vote. He was never a serious candidate anyhow, but even his money won’t save him now. He’s as done as Kamala Harris was when Tulsi Gabbard called her out for prosecuting black criminals. So, the question appears to be, will the Democratic establishment go down in flames with Bernie or will they divide the party by pushing Klobuchar as the candidate.

Of course, no matter what they do, it just spells TRUMPSLIDE 2020.

UPDATE: Andrew Yang has ended his bid for the presidency.