Mailvox: a note from Ireland

An Irish reader writes about the current status of Ireland:

A note as to whats happening in Ireland, the western fringe of Europe. In 2016, the Irish wing of Pegida was routed from the streets of Dublin by Antifa, which was a black pill for the nationalists at that time. Things have grown, massively since then, possibly exponentially. There is a General Election for our Parliament here on the 8th of February 2020, and there are just shy of 40 nationalists from the three nationalist parties running for seats. This is obviously a tremendous rate of growth and is a clear sign of the shift away from globalism.

The Irish still tend to love the EU, and view Brexit with disdain, but on the other hand we have a character of nationalism and have an immunity to white guilt.

We have deep connection to the swamp, the Clintons, Haiti, the (((Global Finance System))), and have had the best of the worst try to De-Christianise, abort,and replace us. Yet it seems that this trend has peaked, and is slowly rolling back.  Small countries like ours can be converged quickly, but we can fix ourselves quicker too. This little island is a microcosm of the wider struggle and if we can do it, so can anyone.  All we need is faith and a steady supply of white pills.

I have to admit, I have never understood how the Irish could fight so hard and so long for their independence from the British, only to immediately turn around and hand over their sovereignty to the European Union. It was one of the most ridiculous, most inexplicable things I’ve seen in my lifetime. Here is hoping that the Irish will soon learn from their disastrous mistake and will follow the lead of the British in exiting the EU and reestablishing their sovereignty.