Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #5

The hunter has become the hunted. As the mysterious vigilante continues to stalk her prey, the crack international superhero team is on her trail and is determined to bring her down before she can accomplish her deadly mission.

But is there another way to find her? What is the connection between the vigilante and the unknown coma patient she was once observed visiting in the hospital? The Avalon police, too, are patiently trying to track her down before she adds to her body count.

Chuck Dixon is the most prolific comic book writer in history. Set in the world of Alt★Hero, CHUCK DIXON’S AVALON is the legend’s newest creation.

Now available in print at Castalia Direct and at Amazon. The digital version will be going out to the backers as soon as it is ready. Chuck Dixon’s Avalon #6 will be ready soon, at which point we will begin producing the omnibus editions for the original Alt★Hero backers.