A landmark

I’m pleased to be able to announce that SocialGalactic surpassed 1,000 daily posts for the first time in its very brief history yesterday, 9 January 2020. There were 1,133 new posts, to be precise. The crushing will continue. Once we get the necessary badges created, we will start inviting the creator-specific subscribers, including Feed the Bear, The Legend, and Grow or Die subscribers.

In other news, I am contemplating a change to the Castalia Deluxe / Castalia Library lines as we finalize the covers. At present, the favored approach for the latter favors the Latin, as opposed to the Italian I’d originally suggested.

  • Castalia Deluxe —> Castalia Library
  • Castalia Library —> Libraria Castalia

I think both will look very good on the spines. If you are a subscriber of either leatherbound line, please share your opinion in the comments.

Speaking of SocialGalactic, an artist there has created what may be one of the strangest “advertisements” for a “televised” show ever produced. I have to admit, I like it.