Is the coronavirus weaponized?

Anonymous Conservative is, as is his wont, deeply suspicious of the coronavirus, but he is not alone in this:

Harvard epidemiologist says he is not saying the Corona virus was bioengineered as a bioweapon, but a new study analyzing the full genome says it does have a center segment in its genome encoding a special protein to get it into human cells, and that center section does not appear to have indices of having gotten there through normal natural random mechanisms:

BOTTOMLINE: 1) Seafood market not the source. 2) This RNA #coronavirus mutates really fast. 3) has unusual middle segment never seen before in any coronavirus. 4) Not from recent mixing. 5) That mystery middle segment encodes protein responsible for entry into host cells.

The thing that concerns me is that I knew the impeachment was the result of desperation on the part of the hunted. If we consider the possibility that a) the coronavirus is a bioweapon and b) the release of the coronavirus was intentional, that would tend to indicate considerably more desperation on the part of the same people.