Democrats upset by docket rocket

They were looking for a railroad, not a rocket:

‘This isn’t a trial – it’s a COVER-UP!’ Chuck Schumer rages against Mitch McConnell’s rules for Donald Trump’s impeachment trial as a ‘national disgrace’

Republicans’ plan for Senate trial of Donald Trump are revealed hours before it begins at 1pm Tuesday. Mitch McConnell wants each side given 24 hours spread over two days to make their case – the Democrats for impeaching and removing, Trump for acquittal. If he gets his way, Democrats could start spelling out why they want Trump removed at 1pm on Wednesday. Planned schedule could put ‘docket rocket’ trial on track to end before Trump delivers the State of the Union address. Nobody will be allowed to subpoena witnesses or documents until after each side has made their case and 16 hours of questions have been asked.

Minority leader Chuck Schumer took aim at the moves calling it a national disgrace and said it was not following the precedent in Bill Clinton’s trial. Plans offer apparent victory for Donald Trump – but will not explicitly allow him to demand instant dismissal of the two articles of impeachment.

Apparently they don’t have enough on enough Republican senators to slow down the Storm. Looks like everything is still under Qontrol.

UPDATE: It’s not going well for the Senate Democrats.

Democrats LOSE their first three battles of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial as Republicans block subpoena after subpoena – but Chuck Schumer vows to keep demanding witnesses long into the night.