A THRONE OF BONES six-issue special

We have selected an illustrator for the six-issue A THRONE OF BONES comic special. It will be released in electronic and omnibus editions – no single print issues – and will cover the battle between Legio XVII of House Valerius and the Vakhuyu and Chalonu goblin tribes. The Legend Chuck Dixon is adapting the script from the novel and Arklight Studios will be coloring it.

This is not a scene from the comic, as those familiar with the novel will immediately recognize, it is just one of the samples that the illustrator provided us to demonstrate that he was capable of drawing the various fantasy elements required by the story.

And for those who are not unreasonably concerned this will have a negative effect on the release of our other comics, don’t worry, other than helping select the illustrator(s), I don’t have to do anything on this one.