The fake billionaires

Many, if not most, of the “super-rich” don’t actually have all that much money that is actually theirs, as comes out whenever they are forced to actually disclose what they’ve got:

Elon Musk says he doesn’t have a lot of cash.

Musk’s wealth came up in the second day of his testimony before a federal jury in Los Angeles where the Tesla Inc. and SpaceX chief executive is on trial over a tweet in which he referred to a British cave expert as a “pedo guy.”

After an unsuccessful objection from his lawyer, Musk told the jury he has Tesla stock, and SpaceX stock, with debt against those holdings, and his net worth is about $20 billion. But contrary to public opinion, he said, he didn’t have much cash. Musk finished testifying after a total of about six hours on the stand over two days.

As Anonymous Conservative points out, those who are in service to the Prometheans are provided fame and fortune, but they are essentially servitors and don’t actually control the resources that are nominally made available to them. See: Hunter Biden.