Mailvox: it’s only fair

A MGTOW decides that it is only fair to ask me to give practical help and advice to others:

You’ve stated your case against MGTOW’s like me as liars and Satanists, so now I think it’s fair to ask you to now move on to the next step, which is to give practical help and advice to these young men that you are encouraging to get married regarding what sort of women they should be looking for, and how they can be better and more successful husbands and fathers.

You might think it should be obvious, but when people are young and lack life experience they don’t always see things clearly. The gynocentric feminazi world certainly is not helping men and women figure things out.

I’m still MGTOW my self, because that’s what works for me, I was MGTOW decades before it had the name or the militant political and social aspect to it. Even so, I happily concede some of your points, one of which MGTOW’s call NAWALT, not all women are like that. But young men need help seeing and understanding what these unicorns look like, the kind of attitudes and opinions that are peculiar to the unicorns. It’s more than just their notch counts and selfies, I think.

I never found a unicorn my self, but I still allow that they exist, somewhere, out there, in the big world.

So, young men need help recognizing the qualities of a unicorn, and also they need help developing the qualities of leadership that you point out are necessary to maintaining a healthy relationship with a woman.

I think if you provided a positive message toward that end, you would help the cause of promoting the survival of western civilization more effectively than just calling people names.

You called me a liar, but I would be lying if I did not confess and admit that I have made a deliberate and considered choice to eschew relationships with females, and I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell the truth about how and why I made that choice.

I don’t tell young men what to do or not do, I don’t call them names if they make a different choice. Mainly I tell young men, when I tell them anything, to be careful about women, don’t fall for just a pretty face, and make sure they consult with a lawyer before they sign any legal documents of any kind. How is that bad advice? How is that dishonest and Satanic? I’m not seeing it. But never mind on that, just please think about how to actually accomplish what you claim is your intention, which is a good intention in my opinion.

Hey, calling liars and cowards liars and cowards is just me going my own way. How can they possibly object to that? It’s really rather amazing how sensitive these narcissistic creatures are to criticism of their chosen path when they have very publicly declared that they owe nothing to society and refuse to do anything for anyone. What do they care if anyone calls them names anyhow?

Anyhow, I don’t care what they think is fair. I’m not shaming them to try to change their behavior, I am simply observing their contemptible cowardice and their habitual dishonesty. I don’t care what they think is fair. I don’t care what they think at all.

This is all I have to say directly to the MGTOW: You quit. You’re out. You’re done. You ran from the battle. So be it. You don’t count anymore. Now go off and die alone, as you’ve chosen.