Fight the real battle, Marvel

Despite its best efforts to anticipate the SJW Narrative, Marvel’s Endgame falls well short of the expectations of the SJW thought police:

The Marvel blockbuster is predicted to surpass its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War, by £200million, which would crown the new superhero film the largest debut in the history of cinema – and possibly the first film to break one billion dollars in less than a week.

Endgame’s roster includes at least 30 superheroes, but it seems the real battle is more one between the sexes than against gauntlet-wielding super villains – as major male characters enjoy a combined 381 minutes of screen-time, compared to only 116 for their female counterparts.

Chris Evans’ Captain America enjoys one hour and six minutes of screen time – the most of any of the film’s stars – followed by Robert Downey Jnr’s Iron Man with one hour and two minutes, and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor with 45 minutes.

British actress Karen Gillan, known for playing Amy Pond in Doctor Who, has the most screen time of all the female stars, and the fourth most of all, appearing for 41 minutes as the cyborg Nebula, but the franchise’s latest star Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, appears for only 15 minutes, despite her recent blockbuster.

I am shocked, appalled, and offended. I expect, and sincerely hope, that Marvel addresses this terrible sexual screen time imbalance in all its future movies. Do they not know it is 2019 and not 1950? Do better, Marvel. Do better!