Flying Sparks 2 campaign

Jon Del Arroz has launched a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the next volume in his Flying Sparks superhero comic, which will be published by Dark Legion Comics. He was interviewed about the campaign by Bounding Into Comics:

BIC: What do you want readers to take away from Flying Sparks Vol. 2?

Jon: I want them to have fun! My goal is to present the feeling you’d get from like an 80s or 90s Spider-Man or Batman comic. You get the personal relationships that actually develop and are tense, you get the cool intricate plots that are weaving around each other and building for the mega-arc, and yet each chapter has its own storyline.

BIC: Are there any specific Spider-Man or Batman comics from the 80s and 90s that you look to for inspiration?

Jon: I would say the biggest influences on me were Detective Comics #647-649 with Spoiler’s (Stephanie Brown) first appearance. The concept of having family as a villain has some similarities to the dating a villain that we have with Meta-Girl, and Stephanie Brown and Chloe Anderson share some similar traits as characters (mainly because Stephanie is one of my favorite characters). Chuck Dixon knocked it out of the park with that story, and really all of his stuff holds big influence on my comic work. On the Spider-Man side definitely the era of the Alien Costume Saga with the Kingpin and Rose battling for control of the underworld with Spider-Man and Black Cat caught in the middle. Tom DeFalco is also a huge influence in the way he does things.

Check out the new artwork at the campaign. I think it’s an observable improvement on the first one.