Owen Benjamin, Vox Day, David the Good, and Infogalactic are pleased to announce UNAUTHORIZED.TV.

The Intellectual Outlaws of the Internet

Daily streams and premium content from the most intelligent, the most outrageous, and the most innovative minds on the planet.

Hours of free content every single day!

We launched this a little sooner than we’d planned, due to the fact that YouTube demonetized the Big Bear yesterday afternoon. But we already have over one hundred hours of content, including the Darkstreams, Voxiversities, and Owen’s shorts and live shows.

The premium content is coming soon, but there is no real difference between the $10 Basic subscription and the $25 Premium monthly subscriptions, it’s just about how much support you’re willing and able to offer the channel. Most of the content is, and will remain, free. The $5 Feed the Bear subscription is a replacement for Owen’s YouTube memberships and primarily supports the Big Bear.

There is beta streaming functionality already built into UNAUTHORIZED, so I will do a subscribers-only stream test today to see how it works. If possible, I’ll also test it with Restream to see if simultaneous streaming is an option.