Con tutto rispetto

If you want to know how to not pique someone’s interest, this may serve as a useful primer.

hassel buske
“I have proven my ability to dismantle theories that are wildly accepted.” Well, do flat earth next then.

No. I don’t care if the Sun revolves around the Earth or vice-versa.

Marty Leeds Live
You don’t care about true cosmology? You don’t care about the world being awash in lies about the nature of the creation? You don’t care about the notion that, through the manipulation of our cosmology, those in power have replaced creation with accident? Of course you care. You are too smart NOT to care.

I say this out of respect, but it us one of the most absurd things to say that essentially, “our cosmology doesn’t matter.”

I am writing this here as a fairly big voice in the FE discussion. If you or your audience ever want to have a reasonable conversation about this, feel free to give me a shout. Blessings.

What part of “I don’t care” was hard to understand? Not everyone shares my interests, and obviously, I don’t share yours.

Marty Leeds Live
That was incredibly fucking condescending, Vox. I said my reply was “out of respect.”

For your information, I’m no fucking dummy. I’m not just another blowhard on the internet commenting randomly. I teach, lecture, host a podcast and have written 5 books about a litany of very dense subjects such as linguistics, symbolism, mathematics and comparative mythology so spare me the slanderous insinuations about my lack of intelligence, i.e

 “What didn’t you understand?” I can understand your English just fine Mr. Day. OBVIOUSLY I am simply challenging your conviction and opinion with my response. If you honestly don’t care about the model or cosmology that we live in, if you honestly don’t care about the entirety of humanity possibly being lied to about our home, if you don’t care about billions of dollars going to space organizations who can be proven  to be 100{9f98116018ff6c328dc55792d496f6b718acbf13f64942fc915b733dd5f493cb} fraudulent, then you are a complete fool, feigning like you are some profound thinker.

P.S. Hey Vox…your arrogance, ignorance and ego is showing. It’s not a good look on you.

Whatever shall we do?