NFL: Championship Weekend

Ender pointed out that I predicted a Chiefs-Saints Superbowl long before the season ended. I don’t see any reason not to stick with that going into the two championship games today. A long time ago, when Eli Manning’s Giants were going into Lambeau to face Brett Favre’s Packers, Bill Simmons observed that if the weather is cold and one quarterback is a lot older than the other one, go with the younger guy. And Mahomes is a lot younger than Brady.

In the NFC, the Rams have been too inconsistent throughout the season. While it’s theoretically possible that they’ll just run right over the Saints in the Superdome with their two-headed rushing attack, I think it’s more likely that Jared Goff’s limitations will be exposed in a shoot-out that favors Drew Brees.

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UPDATE: REVENGE FOR FAVRE! The Saints were the better team, but the refs robbed them of the Super Bowl. How do you like being on the other end of that this time, Sean Payton?