Everybody DOESN’T want to rule the world

Putin calls out the globalists:

Russia does not aim to rule the world, and such assumptions are part of an “imposed mentality” used to distract people, Vladimir Putin told a WSJ reporter when asked about Russia’s supposed ambitions for world domination.

Faced with a rather provocative question from the WSJ Moscow Bureau Chief, Ann Maria Simmons, Putin said that “when it comes to ruling the world we know very well where the headquarters [of those], who are trying to do exactly that,” is located. “And it’s not in Moscow,” the president added, speaking at an annual Q&A session in Moscow.

Although the Russian leader has never openly accused Washington of having some global ambitions, he still said that the ongoing contest of influence in the international arena is linked to “the US leading role in the world economy” and its enormous defense spending amounting to “more than $ 700 billion,” which Washington apparently seeks to translate into some political power.

Russia’s defense spending amounts to just $46 billion, the president said, noting that the total population of the NATO countries accounts for some 600 million people while Russia has just about 140 million.

Russia is not the Soviet Union, just as America is not the United States. But those who want to rule the world are the descendants of the murderous global revolutionaries who turned the Soviet Union into a slaughterhouse, the defeated Trotskyites who fled to the United States and reinvented themselves as “neoconservatives” in order to “guide and keep honest the hard-charging Republican party.” Now they preach “world democratic revolution” instead of “world socialist revolution”. But no matter what it is called, it amounts to the same thing in the end: death and subjugation for all the nations of the world.

If you want to know where the RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA theme comes from, now you know.