Darkstream: Jordanetics Rule 01

In this Darkstream, I address the First Rule of the 12-Rule Path, stand up straight with your shoulders back, and explain its true meaning as laid out in Jordan Peterson’s actual text. From the transcript:

There is something to the fact that the way you carry yourself, the way you stand, does communicate your position in the social hierarchy, but that’s not the point of this chapter. Posture has nothing to do with it, bullying has nothing to do with the realm of oppression or the realm of tyranny, and so what the first principle, the first real principle of Jordanetics is, is to be mediocre.

You don’t want to stay at the bottom, but you also don’t want to rise too far. And so the purpose of the book Jordanetics, one of the purposes of my book, is to explain to people who either haven’t read the books – you would be shocked at how many of Jordan Peterson’s fans have never actually read his book, they might own it, but they don’t read it because, frankly, it’s not very well-written – or have read it but haven’t properly understood it, that the first rule, the real first rule of Jordanetics is to be mediocre. And I do not believe that is a good rule for life. I think that that is a very negative rule for life and it is not helpful.