Darkstream: The secret of avoiding self-sabotage

We covered a lot of ground in tonight’s Darkstream related to the Gamma pattern of behavior, inspired by my recent reading of a series of F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories. It’s a little hard to dismiss the heuristics of the socio-sexual hiearchy when you can observe them being played out, even in fiction, more than five decades before I was even born.

However, perhaps the most amusing moment was not related to the subject – directly, anyhow – but came when a viewer who had been watching Jordan Peterson’s appearance on Joe Rogan’s show mentioned that Jordan and Joe were agreeing how criticism is bad and unhelpful, which I feel was just a very, very hurtful thing to say now that Jordy and I – I call him Jordy now – are the very best of friends.

I mean, did Jordy not assure us that when someone’s behavior has become corrupt—particularly according to his own principles, it is the act of a friend to criticize it?

As for the secret of avoiding self-sabotage, here are four suggestions:

  1. Don’t talk so much.
  2. If you must talk, don’t talk about yourself. Talk about the other person.
  3. Don’t ever think you are fooling anyone when you are talking about yourself. If you want to boast, then boast. Don’t try to sneak in some humblebragging or pretend that you have any other purpose in mind.
  4. Remember that nobody cares. If they care, they’ll ask you. And even if they care enough to ask you, remember that they don’t care enough to want the details.