Darkstream: Blue Wave or Pollster Fiction?

From the transcript of the Darkstream, which I’m glad to report is no longer being linked to strange, creepy kid videos on YouTube.

A lot of people who support Trump, a lot of people who are going to vote Republican, are not going to tell people that. You know, people are beginning to become more comfortable and confident about supporting the God-Emperor because he’s been so successful – he has been perfect,  he hasn’t built the wall, yet he hasn’t drained the swamp yet – but the economy is doing extremely well, he is at least saying a lot of the right things in public. When when people are talking about how, “oh well he hasn’t done the necessary, hasn’t done this or that,” can you imagine George Bush or George W. Bush actually threatening to open fire on immigrants? I mean, he has pushed the Overton Window so far to the right in with just his rhetoric that a lot of us don’t even realize this.

If you look at how much he has pushed back against the Obama and liberal Republican alliance it’s really incredible. In that interview that I did with Bleeding Cool that was retroactively vanished, one of the things the interviewer noted in an aside that he thought was interesting was that I was no longer saying that Donald Trump is the greatest US president since Calvin Coolidge, that I was saying that he is the greatest president since Andrew Jackson. And he is already though there’s a lot that still needs to be done. There’s no question there is a lot that needs to be done, but this is a president who has declared himself to be a nationalist, this is a president who has openly declared and correctly declared that the media is the enemy of the people, this is a president who has stated his intention of ending birthright citizenship, these are all major major accomplishments in the Presidential sense. He is using what Teddy Roosevelt called the bully pulpit with a great degree of effectiveness.

You need to keep in mind he doesn’t have a cooperative House or Senate. Despite the fact that they are Republican that does not mean that they are on board with the Trump nationalist agenda and so you know, it’s really remarkable.

Someone says “a Native American that believes Andrew Jackson was a great president?” He was a great president. He wasn’t good for the Cherokees, but you know what, the Cherokees weren’t his people. I don’t think that that was the right thing to do. I certainly don’t think that it was a good thing to do, but when you put against that the fact that he eliminated the first Central Bank of the United States, there is no comparison. What he did for his people was phenomenal. You need to look at and judge leaders by the correct criteria, okay? What Winston Churchill did for the people of Germany was very, very bad, no question, but we don’t judge Winston Churchill by what he did for the people of Germany, we judge him by what he did for the people of the United Kingdom of which he was the prime minister at the time. Andrew Jackson should not be judged by what he did to the Cherokee or the other American Indian tribes, he should be judged by what he did for his people,  and I think that I think that Donald Trump is going to be lauded and revered for what he’s accomplished already, much less what we hope he will accomplish in the future.