Darkstream: she looks beautiful in chains

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

Megyn Kelly made a classic, classic mistake. She went and apologized and there’s a very good chance that she would not have been dumped if she had stood her ground. But what she realized is that a white woman who is identified as being a conservative – I mean megyn kelly is not a conservative we know that but the fact that she was identified as a conservative – meant that the two black men were higher on the SJW totem pole than she is. So she needed to not apologize because it was a classic SJW situation.

Instead of saying what was wrong with that, what are you trying to claim was wrong with that, that’s how she should have responded. Instead she pled guilty. What you need to realize is that apologizing under pressure is exactly the same thing as telling a police officer that you’re guilty, and just as telling a police officer that you’re guilty does not cause the police to go away and tell you, “oh well you’re guilty? Great everything’s fine, let’s go back to the way things were , carry on.” They don’t do that, it doesn’t work that way. With SJWs if you apologize, then they go, “okay, great, you just pled guilty, now it’s time to go to the punishment phase.”

For all that Kelly is supposed to be a savvy, veteran journalist, still at her age she hadn’t figured that out. She obviously never read SJWs Always Lie or she would have known that.