Fake IQ tests

25/25. You are a GENIUS!
Way to go! Only people with an IQ score of 153-161 aced this general knowledge test. 

I can personally attest that you don’t need an IQ of 153, much less 161, to score 25/25 on this general knowledge test. Especially since it took me less than 30 seconds to take it. Frankly, I’d be astonished if anyone reading this blog got less than 22 of the answers right.

As a general rule, Internet IQ tests are, like this one, completely fake and meant to flatter the test-taker. Knowledge can serve as a partial proxy for IQ, but it can never provide any sort of quantitative measure because storage is not processing power. Also, genius is not measured in capability or IQ, but in unique historical achievement.

But there is one intriguing thing about this clickbaitery, which is the notion that only people with IQs under 161 can get a perfect score. Are they suggesting that 4SD minds tend to overcomplicate straightforward questions? Or, as is much more likely the case, are they just playing the scientistic game of selling credibility through false claims of precision?

If so, they’re hardly alone. For as Daniel Dennett has assured us, you can trust biologists because physicists get amazingly accurate results.