Darkstream: No “Blue Wave” in 2018

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

These diversity candidates that are very hard left are completely unappealing to white Democrats across the country. White Democrats are gradually beginning to wake up to the fact that their party has no use for them, that their party actually hates them and it’s definitely not going to govern in their interest, and so if you look at if you look at what the media is trying to do, what they’re trying to claim, it’s very clear that their narrative is entirely false. In fact, it would not surprise me in the slightest if not only was there not a blue wave, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Republicans considerably overperformed again, especially because we’re starting to see the early indications of that. In Texas there was just a special election for Congress, it was a seat that’s been held by Democrats for 139 years and it went for Hillary by something like 12 points, and it just went Republican.

Now can you imagine what would happen how the media would report it if a seat that had been Republican for 139 years, that Donald Trump had won by 12 points, suddenly turned Democrat? You know we’d be hearing, “oh this is this is absolute proof the blue wave is inevitable” and so forth, but where we actually have what may be reliable information, we actually have the actual evidence – it is scanty – but what there is actually indicates that if there is a wave, it’s going to be in the Republican’s favor, especially when you look at the generic party identification where the Republican identification has actually increased by a point and the Democratic identification has fallen by four points. That’s a five-point swing right there,  and so you know when you look at the actual situation instead of the fake polls and the fake news pushed by the SJW media, you immediately see that the situation is not at all what they think it is. It’s not at all what they claim it to be.

And so what people need to stop doing is stop paying attention to people who have reliably proved themselves to be unreliable. I can’t tell you how many people on the blog say “oh I’m worried about this, I’m concerned about that.” You know, you’re actually working towards making what you fear happen. Why are you needlessly,  pointlessly, groundlessly demoralizing people when all the actual evidence is actually quite positive in the in the short-term political sense?

Somebody points out we were told down-ballot Republicans were all going to lose in 2016 and Trump would cause Republicans to lose Congress. Did that happen? No, the exact opposite happened and the same thing is going to be true in 2018. Look, I’ve been predicting a Trumpslide in 2020. There was not a Trumpslide in 2016, Trump won but it was relatively close. So how are we going to get from a narrow victory in 2016 to a Trumpslide in 2020 with Democrats over performing in 2018? That’s not going to happen, but the Trumpslide is going to happen, and so I think that it is is very, very obvious that the media narrative is false and the Republican doomsayers are wrong again.