Darkstream: what an SJW attack looks like

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

The important thing to understand about this is that it’s real. You know, when I told you guys about this stuff ten days ago, two weeks ago, whatever it was, a lot of people just simply didn’t believe me. They didn’t want to believe, they wanted to believe that I was just coming up with some excuse to justify my actions. Now whether you agree with my actions or not, the point is that this situation is real. SJWs within the technology companies are abusing their positions and going after people they consider to be the enemy,  and that’s not just people like us,  people who are open and avowedly Christian, who are open and avowedly Alt-Right, who are open about being nationalists, but it also includes all of those who are incorrectly lumped in with us.

And so you know, they’re going to take these kinds of actions and you need to be prepared for it. Now we didn’t flip out, we didn’t panic, we just calmly sat down and analyzed the stuff, looked more deeply into it and then figured out what was going on. The concern that I have is that it’s very clear to me, from the way that the ComicsGate folks are attempting to virtue signal and attempting to get themselves out of the sights of the SJWs, means that they’re not ready for this.