Of course, they ARE the problem

Dozens of immigrant groups demand the resignation of the German Interior Minister:

Two dozen migrant and anti-racist groups have penned a letter demanding that German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer change his stance on migration or leave office following his comments in the wake of protests in Chemnitz.

“An interior minister for everyone should not divide the society any further but instead clearly take a stand for the core values of our country,” read an open letter titled “Not our interior minister.” It was signed by more than 20 groups, including several associations of Turkish, Polish and Serbian communities, as well as pro-migration, pro-diversity and anti-fascist groups.

The document called on Seehofer to change his behavior and “finally take the right-wing threat seriously.” It also said that the signatories are “extremely concerned” by the fact that far-right extremists are dominating the news and shouting: “Foreigners, get out!”

“We are concerned that out children cannot safely and freely move everywhere because of their appearance, name or beliefs,” the signatories said, adding that the interior minister should make “sure that we do not need to be concerned about the wellbeing of our children.”

The letter then claimed that Seehofer ‘did nothing about that,’ suggesting that he should alter his stance or “resign and leave office.”

It called out Seehofer particularly over statements he made following massive protests in the eastern German city of Chemnitz in the wake of the murder of a German man, which was allegedly committed by two asylum seekers. Clashes between right-wing protesters and leftists resulted in some 20 people being injured, according to the police. At that time, Seehofer said he would join the protesters if he was not a minister.

However, what particularly angered the migrant associations was his statement that the issue of immigration is the “mother of all political problems” gripping Germany. They accused the minister of “deliberately allowing [his words] to be interpreted [in such a way] as if we were the problem.”

Seehofer would do well to order the deportation of every single member of the signatory groups. That would be an effective way of demonstrating that while they do not recognize him as their minister, he is the Interior Minister of Germany.

Various forms of ethnic cleansing are in the process of coming to the United States, Europe, and Asia whether anyone is enamoured of the idea or not. The forced deportation of the Rohingya from Myanmar has significantly improved the situation there; now the Bangladeshi are complaining about the behavior of their fellow Muslims being given refuge there. And even very liberal ex-Obama administration officials are openly endorsing the removal of Serbs from Kosovo and Kosovars from Serbia.

Migration is a silent form of war. It always has been. And wherever there have been large migrations, war and ethnic cleansing has always followed in its wake. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later, but always, it follows.