Darkstream: concern trolls

From the transcript of the Darkstream:

What I realized is that the problem with the concern troll, and the reason that concern trolling should not be tolerated even among those who are friendly, even among people who are on your side, is that a concern troll is always perfectly happy to trade someone else’s demoralization for his own narcissistic rush. He’s putting his own narcissism ahead of the way that other people feel, it’s actually a very,  very negative trait and it’s kind of related to the pessimists who invariably predict failure and really seem to get off on explaining why nothing’s going to change, why no one’s ever going to win, why no matter what you do it’s going to fail or it’s not going to make any difference anyway.

This is something that I no longer permit on the blog, in fact, I learned to stop permitting it during the  2016 campaign, and I think the Lord Humungus is correct when he said they’re emotionally hedging. But here’s the problem. There’s nothing wrong with emotionally hedging on your own behalf,  there’s nothing wrong with protecting your own feelings because you have been disappointed before, but where it starts to become a problem, where it starts to become a negative action, is when in the interests of your own emotional hedging you actually attack the optimism and the hope of your own allies. I mean, think about it. Suppose that leading up to D-Day, Montgomery and other generals kept telling Eisenhower “oh you know this landing, it’s never gonna work, you know, look what look what happened at Anzio, look what happened when the Germans attacked Crete, it’s all gonna be a disaster, we shouldn’t do this.”

Now what good, from the Allied perspective, is going to come of that? These people don’t actually know what’s going to happen. If we listened to all of the pessimists who were talking about Trump, he never would have won, he never would have pulled off the victory, and he probably wouldn’t have even won the Republican nomination. It wasn’t just people who were against Trump who were making these predictions, it was people who said, “oh yeah, well, you know, Trump’s the only one who could possibly be any good,  but he can never win, he can never beat 30 percent, he can’t beat 35 percent, he can’t win the nomination, he can’t win the general election.

What I would suggest you do if you’re tempted to concern troll, if you’re tempted to share your pessimism, or your lack of hope, or your despair or whatever, don’t share it. Keep it to yourself. I can’t tell you how many times concern trolls have told me stuff that they’ve been completely wrong about. I mean, these concern trolls who say this stuff so they can say “I told you so,” well, they’ve been wrong far more often than they’re right.