Voxiversity 2.0

Voxiversity is back with a vengeance. The production team and I are pleased to announce Voxiversity Episode 007, THE MADNESS OF JORDAN PETERSON.

The bestselling author of THE IRRATIONAL ATHEIST and ON THE EXISTENCE OF GODS exposes Dr. Jordan Peterson as an intellectual charlatan, an anti-Christian globalist, and a mentally unstable defender of the neo-liberal world order by extensively quoting Peterson’s own incoherencies and inconsistencies in context.

We’re also sending out an email today to all the Voxiversity backers to let them know it is possible to support Voxiversity again through direct monthly subscriptions. If you wish to join them, you can do so now via the Castalia House Store. Based on my improved understanding of how the video audience-building process works, we’ve integrated the Darkstream with the Voxiversity. By supporting one or the other, you will be supporting both. This is also more cost-efficient than going through a Patreon-style service. Please note these are all MONTHLY subscriptions.
Note that site registration is required for recurring subscriptions. We’ll put a site up on Oneway to keep track of the number of backers and so forth, but there is no need to sign up through that. The revised idea is to use the regular Darkstreams to address the various issues brought up by the backers faster and on a more regular basis, while utilizing the Voxiversity episodes to address the deeper issues more substantively.

Thanks to all the backers for your patience as we dealt with the various obstacles presented, and special thanks in particular to the Foundation members, who stepped in and maintained their support for the program even through the two-month hiatus.