id offends SJWs

I tend to doubt the maniacs at id Software are inclined to kowtow to the anti-GG crowd:

During the gameplay reveal of DOOM: Eternal at this year’s QuakeCon in Grapvine, Texas at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center, there was a comment during the demonstration about demon’s being “mortally challenged” and that didn’t set too well with Social Justice Warriors.

The 25 minute reveal can be viewed below, running on the id Tech 7 and featuring the ability to render geometrical vertices at ten times the rate of the id Tech 6 at a full 60fps… without drops.

There are a couple of gender-fluid Twitter users who likely removed “she” from their pronouns list after watching that video.

The comments about the demons, however, are made by a blue hologram that looks very similar to Cortana from Halo. Throughout the demonstration she mentions a number of comments that SJWs construed as “anti-SJW”, such as…

“My brothers and sisters, let’s help top make our friends transition into our world a comfortable one.

 “[…] Remember: ‘Demon’ can be an offensive term, refer to them as ‘mortally challenged’.

 “[…] Earth is the melting pot of the universe.”

These comments from the UAC hologram used as a reverse propaganda tool to keep humans from being terrified of the demon invasion.

Social Justice Warriors took offense to this, claiming that it was racist, anti-immigration, and a “gross”, “anti-SJW” “dog whistle”.

This is how you win the culture war. Also, the game looks awesome and very much in the core DOOM tradition.

The entire tradition of computer gaming is intrinsically anti-immigration. As anyone with an even casual knowledge of the history of games knows, gamers have been slaughtering immigrants en masse since the days of the original Space Invaders.