Tommy Robinson freed… temporarily

A Court of Appeal rules that “the judge at Leeds should not have commenced contempt proceedings that day” so Tommy Robinson is now free on bail.

Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson was freed on bail today after his 13 month jail term for contempt of court was quashed – but his case will be re-heard again.

The far right activist, 35, has been in prison for two months after being locked up in May for filming defendents involved in a criminal trial at Leeds Crown Court and broadcasting the footage to 250,000 people on Facebook.

The activist, whose real name is Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, successfully appealed against his 13-month jail term for contempt of court claiming it was ‘excessive’ and the hearing was ‘rushed’.

Lord Burnett said today the Court of Appeal was allowing his appeal ‘in respect of the committal for contempt at Leeds Crown Court’ – but said the case would have to be be heard again.

Robinson was not present for the ruling and is expected to be released from prison later today.

Of course, the message has been sent: some of those presently in control of the British legal system will seek to protect Pakistani pedophiles preying on British schoolgirls even at the expense of the law.