Soda Pop Soldier SIGNED

Nick Cole fans and book collectors will be pleased to know that we have figured out how to provide a SIGNED AUTHOR EDITION of the Soda Pop Soldier paperback.

To obtain one, simply place an order at the Castalia House store. Once placed, we will send you an email to confirm a) the mailing address at which you want the book to go, and b) the inscription, if any, that you would like Nick Cole to write. We’ve already arranged for him to have the books on hand. You can also elect to sign up for the Castalia Book Club to receive notifications of future Signed Author Editions from Nick and other Castalia House authors if you’re not already a subscriber.

We will send the relevant information to Nick, who will sign the book accordingly and send it to you by post. The price of the Signed Author Edition includes the shipping price to you; we anticipate that the book will arrive via US post in about one week. Signed Author Editions are only available in the USA right now, and Soda Pop Soldier by Nick Cole is the first book for which we are offering a Signed Author Edition.

If you’re interested in us providing Signed Author Editions for other authors, please let us know which authors and works are of particular interest to you. However, please don’t even bother asking about my books, since this process is not viable in Europe, although we MIGHT be able to do it for Owen Stanley fans in the UK.

The Signed Author Edition of Soda Pop Soldier by Nick Cole is available for $34.99.