Mailvox: is Azeroth converging?

A WoW player has concerns about the possible convergence of Azeroth.

I would be curious to hear your thoughts on the latest plot twist Blizzard just served us as a prelude to Battle for Azeroth.

I assume you know what I am talking about but just in case:

After launching the War of the Thorns to fight the Alliance for Azerite, Sylvanas burns Teldrassil under dubious pretenses, falling into Garrosh territory and pretty much ruining the night elves faction and the Horde lore at once. 

So my question is very simple, should we consider that SJW convergence is finally catching up with Blizzard and is now going to proceed with ruining the game for long time fans, bit after bit? The accusation has a pretty strong case here with the night elves’ home being destroyed and the Horde reduced to a bunch of brainless brutes blindly following an unhinged zombie after 15 years of effort to build a lore for it that would not reduce it to the evil faction trap.

I am reluctant to abandon that particular ship, but if the cancer is spreading I might have to be prepared to. Or perhaps I am wrong and Blizzard is going to serve us an amazing plotline throughout the extension, but that is not what my gut feeling says.

No, given what we’ve seen in Overwatch, I think it is safe to say that the cancer affecting Blizzard has finally spread to World of Warcraft. It’s too soon to be certain, but there is an all-too-familiar stink of convergence in the air.