Insight into the Hollywood cesspool

A guy who works in the industry sheds a little light on the corruption of the Hollywood cabal in the chans:

The A list community is broken down like this:

  • Somewhere around 30{4cf702b8037e739e45d2086f5f97594cb665cfde74596f7ff4ca2f44a7f588d4} are abusers (and that ranges from pedophile/trafficker /sacrificer down to having a casting couch).
  • Somewhere around 30{4cf702b8037e739e45d2086f5f97594cb665cfde74596f7ff4ca2f44a7f588d4} are genuine victims (there are literal slaves who believe they are living the high life, down to people who are raped and pressured into silence).
  • Somewhere around 30{4cf702b8037e739e45d2086f5f97594cb665cfde74596f7ff4ca2f44a7f588d4} willingly trade sexual favors for opportunities (ranges from begrudgingly, but they know how the system works to being a little cabal darling who loves or even gets off to whoring around).

The remaining 10{4cf702b8037e739e45d2086f5f97594cb665cfde74596f7ff4ca2f44a7f588d4} who are not applicable to the above is made up of:

  • People who are self-made and chose never to associate with the cabal. We know them from their own efforts, and they happened to get lucky or strike gold.
  • People who are insanely popular and make enough money for THEM that they have the clout to refuse to participate. They are usually blackmailed by credible threats of violence or ruining their careers into being quiet. Perhaps you could consider these people complicit.
  • People who are extremely diligent in not allowing themselves to be courted by THEM. This means either not going to or leaving early from Hollywood events and parties, and treating every time another person tests their waters like a joke or over reacting to the small stuff.
  • People THEY simply don’t want. Their standards may seem low, but there are hosts of people that the public likes and that came them money, but for one reason or another THEY don’t want them in the group. They’ll allow these people to remain on the outskirts of the group but will never even attempt to invite them to the inner circles.

This board has become known, and some people keep eyes on it. Some people get briefings on it. They are nervous that people are dedicated enough to dig, draw connections, lay them out plainly, then organize/coordinate to put them in front of a wide audience. These kinds of these used to be relegated to conspiracy boards and easily dispelled by mocking.

Current climate knows to fear drawing the attention of the masses. They also know once the hoard has their eye on you, everything they do is closely monitored, which is incredibly claustrophobic for people who thrive on symbolism and covert communication out in the open.

Immense push back on James Gunn’s firing as witch hunt in specific is an effort to shame the masses out of shaming people out of jobs and not let this set precedent.

Many still think and expect they’ll be able to sacrifice a few of the guilty publicly to preserve the rest. Many believe there will be a few more Weinsteins and Kevin Spaceys, but they’ll be okay. Some are freezing everything until this blows over. Some see the writing on the wall and oppose publicly to try and stop.

I’m not even remotely surprised to hear that the pushback on the Gunn firing is coming straight out of the Hellmouth. It had the stink of coordination to it. This is confirmation that we should be highly suspicious of the mockers, condemn the defenders and enablers, and press on with even more investigations into uncovering the truth, whatever it may be. The more pressure that they feel, the more some will feel the need to come clean while others desperately try to cover things up. And if history is a reliable guide, it is through the attempted coverups that the whole thing will come crashing down.

Weaponized autists may not be the heroes that we wanted, but they are the heroes that we need.