Sunk ships save lives

None of these people would have drowned if the European navies had simply sunk the ships that initially sparked the invasion:

Over 600 migrants, including babies and young children, have drowned in the Mediterranean in the past month, in the wake of Italy’s ban on rescue boats, two major charities claim. More people have drowned trying to cross the sea from northern Africa to Europe in the past four weeks than in the entire first five months of 2018, according Doctors Without Borders (MSF). The MSF blames the deaths on the fact that there had been no charity rescue boats active in the central Mediterranean, as they have been banned from docking in Italy.

Salvini wants to reduce the number of migrants leaving North Africa to reduce the arrivals in Europe and deaths in the Mediterranean along the way. He says that will reduce tensions among European nations over their internal borders.

‘Obviously, if you drastically reduce the departures and arrivals, the problems inside the EU among individual countries will also be reduced,’ he said.

He said he hoped Europe as a whole will continue to recognize the ‘minority’ of people who deserve asylum because they are fleeing war, but not the others. ‘We hope that finally the European Union resumes defending its borders and the right to security of 500 million European citizens who in recent years have been put at risk,’ Salvini said.

No true humanitarian would have permitted anyone to embark upon such an obviously dangerous and illegal course of action.