Darkstream: Star Wars, Starbucks, and SJWs

From the transcript of the Darkstream.

You can’t think that just getting rid of of one person is going to take care of it. One person at the top of the heap is not the problem. You know the problem is once you have your corporation or your organization infested by sjw’s the only solution you have is to get rid of them all and to turn the focus of your attention to your customers. Last night when Ethan and I were talking, something I pointed out that both he and I actually do is that we both pay a lot of attention to what our core wants. You have to support the core before you start worrying about the perimeter, you know, you want to keep your core audience happy with what you’re doing.

I got a great email yesterday, it was very encouraging. We just sent Chuck Dixon’s Avalon out to our 2332 backers and this is the third issue out of the 24 that have been backed, and I got an email from one of the backers. You know, this was somebody who’s a serious backer, they’d gone for the hardcovers and they had put in a substantial amount of money in supporting what we are trying to do with Alt-Hero, and the interesting thing is that he said, hey I know that I’m owed all 24 issues and the hardcover collections and all that sort of thing, but I want to tell you that I’ve already got my money’s worth! That’s how much he liked Alt-Hero #1, Alt-Hero #2, and Avalon #1. He said this completely exceeded what I expected when I went and supported it.

And that’s what you want to hear. That’s the reaction that you want to provoke from your core audience, from your fans, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. Can you imagine how big The Last Jedi Jedi would have been if every Star Wars fan had that reaction to the movie? Can you imagine how huge it would have been? It would have been, you know, three billion dollars at the box office! I might have actually returned to Star Wars to watch it. Yeah, I refused to watch any Star Wars movie after The Phantom Menace.

My wife and I got tickets, we went on opening night. My wife and I went with my best friend and his wife. We had actually gone to see the original Star Wars for our birthday parties for two years in a row, you know, we were huge Star Wars fans and we went and saw The Phantom Menace, walked out of it and said, you know, that was not what we were waiting for. We were happy to wait 20 years or whatever it was, but George Lucas let us down and Disney was even worse. George made the brand ridiculous, but Disney destroyed the brand. I mean, it didn’t occur to me to even consider going to see The Last Jedi or Solo. I’m not interested.

But now you don’t even think about going. It’s kind of like if I hear about a Star Wars movie, that interests me about as much as someone saying “hey there’s a new Meg Ryan movie!” You know, I would never go to see a Meg Ryan movie. It’s not something that I do, it’s not something that is of any interest to me, and now that’s what Star Wars falls into. It’s crazy, you know, it’s absolutely crazy when you consider what a huge Star Wars fan I was as a kid. I had a complete collection of all the blue card. Those of you who are really old-school know the blue cards were the original collecting card set. I also had all the red cards. I may or may not have completed the yellow card collection, and I did have some of the green cards, those were the first four type of cards that they had I think.

I actually stopped card collecting because somebody stole my blue cards out of my school desk at elementary school.