May’s soft exit sellout

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Teresa May tried to sell out her nation to the EU despite the clear results of the Brexit referendum. Her cabinet is falling apart and so should her Prime Ministership in very short order.

David Davis QUITS in protest at Theresa May’s soft Brexit plans leaving government in chaos.

He walked out 48 hours after the PM’s crunch Chequers summit – which culminated in Mr Davis and six other Brexiteer Cabinet ministers losing their two-year battle for a clean break from Brussels.

Allies of Mr Davis said he decided to quit because he felt the PM’s proposals for a common rulebook with the EU and plans to keep Britain tied to 40 years of EU laws broke the Tory manifesto and Mrs May’s own red lines on leaving.

Brexit Office minister Steve Baker also quit last night. His ministerial colleague Suella Braverman was said to also be considering her position.

Sarah O’Grady, wife of Mr Davis’s chief of staff Stewart Jackson, said Mr Davis wanted to “honour manifesto promises to Britons”.

She added: “DD decided he couldn’t sellout his own country.”

I’m no expert on British politics, but I expect Boris Johnson to follow suit soon, at which point May’s Tory government should collapse. That’s why May should never have been permitted to serve as Prime Minister in the first place.

May actually showed the plans to Angela Merkel before her own cabinet. She’s done. Both May and Merkel must go, for the good of their respective nations.