Good news from Thailand

The story of the Thai soccer team trapped 800 meters underground is pretty incredible. Two of the boys are now out, so here’s to hoping the rescuers are able to safely extricate the rest of the team.

First two members of Thai soccer team are OUT of the cave: Official reveals news after threat of rain forced divers to begin mission to rescue children and coach from flooded tunnels

  • The first two schoolboys were rescued safely after divers executed a carefully constructed rescue mission  
  • The treacherous rescue operation to save 12 young Thai footballers from a flooded cave begun this morning
  • Eighteen divers have been sent in to complete the mission as officials said Sunday was ‘D-Day’ for rescue
  • The young footballers and their coach have been trapped in flooded caves in northern Thailand for 16 days   
  • As soon as the boys exit the cave they will be airlifted by helicopter or driven by ambulance to local hospital 

A Thai Navy SEAL has already died bringing in oxygen and other supplies. It’s good to know his sacrifice wasn’t in vain.

UPDATE: four of the boys are out now.