A glimpse into Gamma

He began badly:

(I don’t know what’s your overall opinion about Donald Trump. But, if you mainly support him…)

Don’t be fooled by the fakes.

What I don’t know (being new to this blog, and not having time to read all the posts) is what is the overall opinion of Vox about Donald Trump (being Vox a Patriot, and given the fact that most Patriots support Donald Trump).

And, I just thought that my observation was, nevertheless, an interesting one that I should make – just in case anyone (including the readers of this blog) is not aware of this type of schemes played by the establishment.

A classic Gamma entry. He doesn’t know even the most basic thing about the blog, the blog owner, or the blog readership, but he just thought that his observation was an interesting and necessary one that he should make in the event that these people about whom he knows nothing don’t know it. So helpful!

To which I responded:

Don’t Gamma. No one here likes Gammas. That is Gamma thinking. As a general rule, don’t share unsolicited information. If someone wants to know, they will ask.

Of course, operating as he was in ignorance, the Gamma promptly apologized and stopped annoying everyone, right? No, of course not! Pass up a chance to talk about himself and his motivations? Perish the thought!

You’re immensely wrong, in the evaluation you make of me.

The reason why I shared this type of knowledge (and have posted maybe similar comments in here) was to *Warn* people, about this kind of things, so that they don’t fall in this (and other) kind of traps, put out by the establishment.

And, as with any (important) warning that everyone thinks that they should make, when in doubt if people are already aware of such facts, the best option is to always make such warnings, just in case. (Like, if you know there’s a seller in your city that is scamming people, and you see someone that is heading for his shop, your natural reaction is to go warn the possibly ignorant buyer.)

That’s all there is.

The overall majority of my comments are made up of information that I consider to be of interest to (and important to share with) other people, about different aspects of the powers-that-be. And, I always post them to try to “enlighten” people. I’m not the kind of person who likes to listen to himself. I come from a “citizen journalist” background. And, it’s within the same journalistic spirit that I continue to make posts and comments. To inform people.

But, if you don’t like to receive unsolicited information, then I will stop doing it on your blog.

Let me be perfectly clear. I don’t like to receive unsolicited information. I don’t want people to share their Very Special Opinion or Very Important Advice or Very Breaking News From An Underground News Site That No One Reads Like The Drudge Report here. I ask very smart people for advice on a regular basis. If I do not ask you for your advice, then obviously I don’t want it. Because if I did, I would ask for it.

If you’re a “citizen-journalist”, if you feel the need to “enlighten” and “warn” people, that’s just fine. Go do it on your own site and stop trying to hijack everyone else’s microphones.