That’s not funny!

Ethan van Sciver and Diversity & Comics fail to see the humor in the Duck Unchained’s response to the Rolling Stone Stalker.

Jack Posobiec@JackPosobiec
Far-Left Rolling Stone Writer Amanda Robb Trolled into Wearing a MAGA Hat by Pax Dickinson

Diversity & Comics‏ @DiversityAndCmx
I don’t like this. This crosses the line into cruelty. I don’t like people being demeaned.

ComicArtistPro Secrets@EthanVanSciver
This isn’t funny. I am furious. I was sandbagged by this reporter at an appearance, she’s very persistent, but she’s a nice woman, and I believe she asked me good and fair questions. This isn’t who we should be.

I thought it was pretty damned funny myself. Whether Ethan and Zack realize it or not, what Amanda Robb and Al Letson are seeking to accomplish with their investigative report into right-wing comics is to undermine everything that both of them are attempting to build. Of course, I also thought it was amusing that the crack investigative team was asking a retired gentleman farmer about comics in the first place.

Regardless, Ethan and Zack are not responsible for Pax and neither is anyone else. Pax has always been a chaos-loving trickster. That’s who he is, that’s what he is, and his performance art should be appreciated for itself. My view is that when reporters don’t respect a polite “no” in response to their requests for interviews, they deserve whatever disrespectful treatment their targets decide to mete out to them.

As for me, I will simply continue to ignore all the media requests I receive, with a few specific exceptions. I expect this is going to get increasingly painful for the mainstream media, as we move into the movie space and the audience for our books and comics and games continues to grow, but they were given multiple opportunities to cover us fairly. But they chose to pursue the “investigative” angle instead and thereby forfeited their future access to me and those around me.

I note that the former reporter offers the same advice that I do:

Ethan, the offer still stands to advise you on dealing with reporters from my professional experience being one for years. But here’s all you need to know in a sentence. “Do not E V E R trust them for an interview.”