The corrupt tentacles

It’s a long, winding, and occasionally confusing post by Neon Revolt, but read the whole thing. A summary:

If a smoking gun exists, linking the Clintons, Obama, and Uranium 1 to Silk Way Airlines, we may be able to find it in these files. Anons are poring over the information as we speak. I am, too. And I will report back if we find anything.

However, I think the really important thing to take away from all this is the shape of the supply chain the Cabal actors had established for themselves over the past few decades. You have this really intense and tightly-knit network of evil actors, delivering weapons and misery all across the globe. You have the Obama administration financing terrorists – once again proving that Trump was right (even when he sounded outrageous) by calling Hillary and Obama the “founders of #ISIS.” You can see how this goes all the way back to the 80’s, with Brzezinski, and how Obama has been groomed from that time, exposed to things like Operation Goldfinger so that down the line, he would have all the connections and resources he would need to

And you can see the mechanisms they were using to plot world-wide nuclear destruction, as they were building, refining, and perfecting their processes with all their little clandestine operations and shell companies and bad actors.

Remember, it all goes back to the 16 year plan. But the reason they were so sloppy is because they never thought she would lose.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. No matter what Trump does as President, he has already been a massive success. He saved the world from a very serious war, because he kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

The globalists are not misguided. They are more evil than you can probably comprehend. If they are successful in establishing their ruling order, they will make the Aztecs look like Quakers in comparison. And men like Vladimir Putin and the God-Emperor are what stand between humanity and that ghastly fate.